Online resiliency training
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Learn what to expect from your
veteran’s return and how to manage
common challenges in adjusting to
post-deployment life.

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Access to Family of Heroes is no longer available.
About Family of Heroes

Family of Heroes is an online evidence-based resiliency & PTSD training simulation where family members learn essential skills to manage the challenges they may face in adjusting to post-deployment life. This includes managing expectations from their veteran's return, learning to identify post-deployment stress, and managing conversations with the goals of de-escalating arguments, negotiating family responsibilities, and, if needed, motivating the veteran to seek help for post-deployment stress, PTSD, or thoughts of suicide.

Based on Kognito's proprietary simulation technology and behavior change methodology, the virtual humans act and respond like real Veterans experiencing post-deployment stress, thereby providing users with hands-on practice within a realistic and risk-free learning environment.

This simulation is a result of a collaboration between Kognito, an award-winning developer of online role-playing training simulations and the Veterans Affairs of NY/NJ (VISN 3). In addition, over 100 family members from around the country provided feedback throughout the development.

Organizations may contact Kognito to purchase a license to make the training available to families in their area. Kognito can be reached at 212-675-9234 or

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